Engineering Discipline
In-service Training

Key Dates
Application for AY 2016 / 17 Full-time Higher Diploma Programmes :

  • Late November to Mid December 2015
    Join the Info Day

  • By 29 February 2016
    Apply via the VTC "Web-based Admissions System"
    Complete application for Principalˇ¦s Nomination Scheme / Self-Nomination Scheme (if applicable)

  • By 29 April 2016
    Submit ˇ§Student Learning Profileˇ¨ via the VTC "Web-based Admissions System" (if applicable)

  • Early to Mid May 2016
    Join the Info Day and Briefing Session for Programme Selection
    Change or re-prioritise programme choices
    Detailed will be announced via "What's New" of this homepage in late April

  • Late May to Mid June 2016
    Attend interview(s) / test (if applicable)
    Applicants who are invited to attend interview will normally be notified 3 days before the interview / test; applicants choosing Degree programmes (Advertising, Fashion Design, Product Design, Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Landscape Management, and Multimedia Technology and Innovation) may be required to bring along their work portfolios when they attend the interview

  • Mid June 2016
    Offer Announcement and Registration

  • July 2016
    Complete Registration

Application Fee

The fee for applications submitted on or before 29 February 2016 is HK$150. You may choose to pay by one of the following methods (cheque and cash are not accepted):

  1. 7-Eleven
  2. ATM (Hang Seng Bank / HSBC / JETCO ATM with JET Payment Logo)
  3. PPS (via Telephone / Internet)
  4. e-Banking Services
  5. Online Payment Services (VISA / MasterCARD / PPS)

Please visit for details.